White Paper

Cloud Optimization Strategies

Source: Avere Systems

Avere (www.averesystems.com), a data storage company recently teamed up with Gatepoint Research to look at cloud optimization strategies. The survey found that 80% of respondents have some sort of cloud storage in place. About 37% cited that they use the public cloud,  while 35% cited they use the private cloud.

But, you may wonder why is this important?

Well, as data storage moves quickly and aggressively toward the cloud, many customers need to determine which cloud model (public or private) is best for them; or if a combination of the two is most appropriate. With a private cloud, businesses install their own server and storage hardware, yet have the flexibility to shift workloads among servers as usage spikes or as they deploy new applications. On the other hand, companies that need to bring a service to market quickly, have few regulatory hurdles and are using data that doesn't have to be tightly integrated with other parts of the business, turn to public cloud offerings like Amazon Web Services. Due to a number of factors including convenience, cost, flexibility and efficiency, the public cloud option tends to be most popular amongst the majority of companies and organizations. However, regardless of which options is best, there is no question that cloud storage as a whole is booming.