Guest Column | December 5, 2016

4 Cloud-Based Services Every MSP Should Offer

By Stanley Louissaint, President, Fluid Designs Inc., ASCII member since 2014

Stanley Louissaint, Fluid Designs Inc.

It's no secret cloud-based services are in abundance right now. As an MSP, there are certain services that you must have in your arsenal to offer to your clients.

  1. Cloud-based Email
    Email is the cornerstone of communication in today’s businesses. It sells itself and takes little explaining, and clients understand it is a necessity.

    There are multiple platforms to sell when it comes to cloud-based email with the most popular service still Exchange. Over the course of time, Exchange has morphed from being primarily an on-premise solution to a hosted cloud-based service. To take it even further, Microsoft has further developed its own hosted Exchange platform into what we now call Office 365. Another option is G Suite by Google with email just one of the included services. The platform you choose to perform the job may vary but, you must offer email services to your clients.