Guest Column | January 11, 2013

Cloud-Based POS: Navigating The Sea Of Misinformation

Cloud computing is a hot topic. In the retail and restaurant space, the term is often misused and misunderstood. Some resellers are resistant to cloud-based POS due to a lack of knowledge and experience. In an attempt to educate retail and restaurant POS dealers on what cloud really means to them, Business Solutions magazine recently spoke with Mike Burris, CEO of Aeris POS Systems/Essential Elements, a cloud-based POS software provider.

Why should POS dealers consider this "new" way of business?

Mike Burris, CEO, Aeris POS Systems/Essential Elements: Change is nothing new for POS dealers.  If you chronicle just the past 15 years of technological, financial, and social changes that have affected the POS industry, it illustrates that POS resellers have always been challenged to innovate in order to compete.  Truthfully, that has been the case for decades.  It’s why organizations like the RSPA (circa 1950) were formed, and why publications like Business Solutions are important information resources for POS resellers. 

Traditionally, POS dealers don’t have the “development roll” within the industry.  Instead, they are the dynamic connection between business owners and industry-focused software developers & hardware manufacturers.  They introduce innovations to business – both those intended as value added features (i.e. Gift Cards) and those intended to be defense against liability (i.e. PCI Compliancy).  They move the market forward.  In turn, they bring customer-based ideas for improvements back to those developers and manufacturers.  They affect the market, but do not control the market.

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