Case Study

Case Study: Clear Skies Ahead Airport Security Turns To Pelco

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By David Aus & Denise Dieser, Pelco Marketing Communications

In late 2001, the United States Congress passed the Airport Security Federalization Act, which sought to greatly improve security measures taken at America's airports. From creating the Federal Transportation Security Administration to requiring additional security screening personnel operating under the auspices of the federal government, these and other measures are in place to protect the millions of passengers who take to the skies each and every year.

And as new procedures have been implemented to ensure passenger safety, so too has the use of video security. A variety of Pelco systems have been specifi ed in airports throughout the world to improve airport security as well as to increase operational effi ciencies, enhance perimeter protection, more readily allocate resources and respond to any number of situations that may arise.

Whether a fully distributed, networkbased system as was demanded for McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, the enterprise-class DX9000 Series system that was used in Calgary International Airport in Canada, or more-traditional installations that take advantage of Pelco's high-end camera and recording systems in a number of airports throughout South America, Mexico and Pakistan, Pelco systems are proving to be the reliable choice the world over.