News | September 25, 2008

CIMAC Named Exclusive US Reseller Of IT Innovation Semiconductor And Solar Equipment Automation Software

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CIMAC, a leading software service solutions provider, announced today that they have been named the exclusive reseller in the United States of IT Innovation's suite of manufacturing equipment automation software products. The products are intended for manufacturing equipment in both the semiconductor and solar markets and are focused on compliance to automation software standards.

Semiconductor manufactures have required equipment manufacturers to comply with SEMI SECS/GEM and 300mm Standards for over 20 years. These standards define an equipment interface which allows the factory to control equipment, collect equipment data, manage equipment recipes and monitor and analyze equipment performance – all keys to reduced cycle time and reduction or elimination of wafer misprocessing. The IT Innovation partnership also includes equipment data acquisition and communications software products.

Solar Manufacturing

Many solar companies seeking manufacturing efficiency are requiring SECS/GEM software on their manufacturing equipment. In fact, many European solar equipment manufacturers already include SECS/GEM software on their equipment.

IT Innovation's XGem equipment communication product, which includes SEMI 300mm Standards functionality, takes up to 65% less time to integrate into a fab than competitive products. IT Innovation offers free software development licenses and 20% lower priced run time licenses for suppliers that incorporate their software into end products.

"With the success of their products at Samsung, Hynix and LG, IT Innovation products have quickly become a very viable option for factory automation software," commented Yezala Abayneh, President & CEO of CIMAC. "Their products are reliable and easy to integrate. We look forward to helping them continue to service the semiconductor segment and building their solar business."

About IT Innovation

Founded in Korea in 2001, IT Innovation Co., Ltd. is a software development company, specializing in information automation of the semiconductor manufacturing system. With XCom SECS driver, its SECS communication product, the company has been developing host interface applications for equipment, EQ server solutions, and other communication-related applications.


CIMAC (pronounced See' mack) has been a leader in Factory Automation and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) solutions for the semiconductor industry over the last ten years. Founded in 1997 CIMAC engineers and program mangers are experts in the fields of Fab Connectivity & Control (FCC), Factory Software Systems (FSM), IT Services (ITS), Quality Assurance & ACM (QA) and Equipment Capability (ECM).

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