News Feature | August 17, 2015

Choosing The Best Subject For Your Healthcare IT B2B Case Study

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

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Publishing case studies offers multiple benefits to solutions providers, but choosing the right healthcare IT client to feature can make or break their effectiveness.

Deciding to start publishing case studies (because you should be doing more than one or two) should be an integrated part of a strategic business plan. That means that when a client it selected, priority should be given to those who highlight the path your organization is currently taking.

For example, if you’ve recently expanded your cloud analytics services into individual oncology practices, choose a series of successes with individual or group medical practices as opposed to hospitals or insurance companies.

Look for client successes that align most closely with your core values and core competencies, and that align with organizational goals.

Connect With An Emerging Problem

Truly effective case studies in the modern healthcare IT marketing environment will be more than just attractive. You’re aiming to create a customer experience story that is not only informative, but also engaging to the point that it is shareable — both between decision-makers in your prospective client organization, and in the healthcare business community as a whole.

This means that you likely have an opportunity to piggy-back off current events in healthcare IT. For example, with the ICD-10 deadline approaching, many organizations are considering quick and last-minute solutions. Now would be a good time to highlight a recent coding software implementation that showcases smooth and timely project completions while still addressing pressing customer needs.

Select A Client With Quantifiable Success

While it’s essential to tell a story of success in your case studies, it’s important that the results you present are clear and definite. According to Christine Slocumb, president of leading healthcare IT marketing agency Clarity Quest., “Most importantly, healthcare IT case studies need to cite measurable results. Most readers of health IT content (CIOs, IT directors, CFOs, CMOs) are analytical, data-driven individuals. Their success is judged on numbers. A case study featuring measurable results at local community hospital will be far more effective than a fluff piece at a marquee institution.”

All case studies should be focused on the customer experience and presenting your products and services in the best light possible. This even includes existing pieces you have, which may just need some refreshing based on the elements covered here.