Case Study

Choosing An Intelligent Case Management Solution

Source: EMC Corporation

In today’s world, most business processes have evolved into a highly complex combination of human and systems interactions. These interactions start with basic content (such as an image, an email message, an application, or an e-form) and evolve into unique, ever-changing cases involving human judgment, with processes and decisions flowing to meet specific case requirements. If you are investigating new applications or platforms to help you managed your information and business processes, this guide can help. It provides an overview of the types of technologies and functionalities that should be included, with an easy-to-use checklist to help you make comparisons among different products. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to shop, to find coupons and discounts, to compare prices, to check the balances on their Starbucks Cards, and to purchase ring tones and music. Consumers are also using their phones to access their bank or PayPal accounts, to make account balance inquiries, and to make transfers between accounts. Everything consumers can do with leather wallets will soon be available via mobile phones.

Which solutions is right for you?

What if you had a 36-degree, holistic view of everything connected to the work you were doing? It would probably accelerate your productivity and let you get more done during the day. Plus, you’d probably feel less stressed because the information you need to get your job done would be at your fingertips.