Case Study

Case Study: Choctaw Nation Casinos Use Axis Network Cameras To Follow The Money

As the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma began to expand its casino operations, tribal leaders realized that many of their facilities had outgrown the limitations of their existing analog surveillance technology. In looking to modernize their security system, they sought an open IP-based solution that would provide secure, evidentiary- quality video recordings, operate at 30 frames per second and would be easy to set up and expand without major expense or disruption of gaming activity.

Choctaw Nation's own onsite team worked with Axis partners – ConnectionsIT of Santa Rosa, California and CameraWatch Technologies of Jackson, Mississippi – to install an array of Axis fixed dome and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) network cameras on the casinos' fiber backbone. The Axis cameras monitor back of house hallways and money areas as well as building exteriors, parking lots and high-stakes gaming areas.

Security teams monitor the cameras 24/7 from surveillance rooms on the casino properties, enabling them to immediately respond to any incidents of theft, customer safety or questionable behavior by patrons or employees. As word spreads of the new surveillance systems, tribal leaders are noting a significant drop in fraudulent slipand- fall claims and shortages at the tables and the tills.