Case Study

Chippewa Valley School District Graduates To Milestone IP Video Security Management

Source: Milestone Systems

22 campus sites across Michigan replace outdated analog surveillance with centralized open platform for flexible access and efficient, long-term scalability

To address the disconnect between its state-of-the-art facilities being monitored with an outdated security system, Chippewa Valley School District called for a complete renovation of its analog video surveillance. They chose Milestone XProtect® Corporate software for an open platform IP network solution. Now administration and department heads hold watch with high-definition Axis cameras over all 22 K-12 campuses across the Michigan district.

In 2004, an attack on Chippewa Valley high schools was foiled. A student threatened to terrorize the school in a way similar to highly publicized events of other U.S. schools in the past. For the district administration this was an eye-opening situation and the catalyst to upgrade security measures for the continued safety of students, teachers, staff and property.

With more than 16,000 students on the 22 campuses, Chippewa Valley Schools of Michigan is responsible for many safety matters. With a previously diverse array of analog camera systems, each sending video to multiple DVRs around the district, there was little efficiency for monitoring the K-12 students, teachers and staff. It was also difficult to obtain video evidence if a situation immediately called for it; going back into the recordings was more of a frustration than a help.