CharTec Sales Superstar Program

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Need a REAL Sales Pro for Your MSP? Cut out the dead weight with CharTec's MSP Sales Superstar Program.

With CharTec, you get peace of mind knowing your newest salesperson was recommended and trained based on a proven methodology and thumbs-up from CharTec CEO, Alex Rogers.

Does This Sound Familar?

  • Salesperson hasn't sold a deal in 6 months? 9 months? A YEAR?
  • Burning through expensive leads?
  • Wasting $1000s in salary and benefits?
  • Unsuccessful or nonexistent roadmap to success?
  • Can you spot failure early?

Some Benefits Include:

  • Screening the most qualified candidates
  • Candidate behavior and motivation information through DISC testing
  • Mentoring throughout a 90-day candidate training
  • Sound advice on hiring a salesperson
  • Peace of mind in knowing your sales training needs are exceeded
  • Guidance from a sales professional with over 25 years' experience

Want to learn more? Download the CharTec 90 Day Roadmap to Success now!