Celerant Command Retail POS Software


Celerant Command Retail — POS Software is a real-time retail management system that manages all areas of a retail organization including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, multichannel/e-commerce/kiosk, data mining, and more, in a single integrated system.

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Celerant Command Retail is a real-time retail management system that manages all areas of a retail organization including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, multichannel/e-commerce/kiosk, data mining, and more, in a single integrated system.

Our advantage is the flexibility of our Java platform, allowing Celerant professionals to conduct cost-effective analysis and adaptation based on the individual needs of each retailer. The result is a better system that meets the needs of each retail business, giving them the tools to take Command of their success.

Celerant Technology prides itself in the quality of its products. Our approach is individually retailer-focused rather than mass-produced. What distinguishes Celerant is our advanced technology, supported by experienced professionals that offer personal attention to every retailer.

Celerant Command Retail Features

Point Of Sale

  • Celerant Command Retail has inherent flexibility to suit multiple, diverse business models.
  • Celerant's POS has the flexibility to customize its graphic user interface, to meet your individual requirements.
  • The highly secure environment allows you to tailor your store level communications in accordance with your business needs.
  • Our retail software is 100% Java and is a full-featured, robust and flexible system, capable of high volume transactions.


  • Receiving, shipping, merchandise location, and shipment tracking functions are reflected in real-time and are visible at once throughout the organization.
  • Order, track, audit, report on and edit purchase orders and transfers by entering your tracking number or by simply scanning the form with your handheld device.
  • Choose from a variety of allocation methods, including distribution tables, min/max, fill-in or weeks supply.

Stored Value Cards/Gift Cards

  • Celerant's Stored Value Cards (SVC) are integrated within all channels, from point of sale through e-commerce.
  • There are no transaction fees or activation fees for these cards.
  • SVCs are handled as debit cards, simply add or subtract value to the cards.
  • SVCs give retailers a full range of real-time reports to skillfully manage and summarize transactions.

Inventory Management

  • Maintain real-time, inventory control for your stores with Celerant Command Retail.
  • Manage your vendors. Keep full contact management for each of your vendors, including multiple contacts for a single vendor. Link brands to vendors and also keep track of your payments and ordering terms.
  • Manage your item classes. Batch attribute changes permit easy management of item class.
  • Take advantage of Celerant's forecasting and auto-replenishment tools to optimize stock levels through every season.


  • Use your POS software to streamline the merchandise planning process with built-in screens, workflows, and reports.
  • Generate detailed receiving plans at every level, across the chain or down to location.
  • Directly plan, balance and integrate markdowns, margins, markups, pricing, GMROI, forward cover weeks of supply & turn.

Employee Management

  • Complete your payroll and commission reports within Celerant Command Retail.
  • Employees punch in and out at the register. No need for time-clocks. With Celerant Command Retail, your employees' time-punches are directly built into the system.
  • Save money and time. Accurate company records enable you to focus on other aspects of your business, beyond your employee's time and earnings.


  • Advanced reporting tools will let you observe and analyze all areas of your retail organization.
  • Broad data availability allows you to determine where it's necessary to make changes in your company in order to improve your return on investment.
  • With Celerant's POS software, manage all of your stores from one centralized location of your choice.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities produce easy-to-read, powerful reports for your business.

Business Intelligence

  • Celerant Command Retail's data mining provides you with countless reporting capabilities. Reports are powerful enough to let you drill down into details when you need to finely analyze your operations.
  • Comprehensive lists of report templates are at your fingertips. New reports can be created easily and can be exported to Excel.
  • Transform your reports into informative graphs and charts with the click of your mouse.
  • Celerant Technology's design team can customize any essential report for your business.


  • Celerant Command Retail gives you complete access to all of your organization's real-time financials, including up-to-minute sales numbers and inventory records.
  • Accounts receivables and payables seamlessly integrate with your point of sale system and inventory control systems.
  • Fully functional, robust accounts payable provides flexibility and control through a tight integration with your merchandising receiving actions.
  • Celerant allows for complete click-thru access from your payables to your receiving with appropriate security controls.
  • Celerant Command directly integrates to MAS 90/200, Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly known as Microsoft Great Plains) and interfaces to other packages for your General Ledger requirements.
  • Accounts receivable functions integrate in real-time with your POS, helping you generate and manage detailed statements, late fees, interest charges, and balance forward receivables. You can also view customer payment aging, customer discounts and payment terms.


  • "By 2010, annual online retail will grow to more than $300 billion, with the web affecting half of all retail sales," according to Jupiter Research.
  • Celerant Technology offers integrated e-commerce within your retail management system.
  • We design your website and fully integrate it within your point of sale system in real time. There is no need for double, manual entry of orders, and inventory may be shared with your brick and mortar store locations.
  • Retailers can post their product descriptions and pictures on the web with automatic insertion on the appropriate page.
  • Move customer orders out the door in less time and more efficiently with UPS OnLine® tools.


  • All communication in Celerant is encrypted with 3DES, a mode of the DES encryption algorithm that encrypts data three times.
  • Detailed rights-based security access to each application for each employee.
  • Protection of sensitive credit card and customer data to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.


  • Celerant Command Retail integrates a full-featured, 5-dimensional, allocation-based distribution center feature.
  • As with the rest of the retail management system, warehousing activities such as receiving, shipping, merchandise locating, and shipment tracking, are all done in real-time.
  • With Electronic Data Interchange, Purchase Orders (PO's) are generated in Celerant Command Retail and are sent electronically to vendors who, in turn, pre-pack all merchandise per store. PO's can be generated automatically based on the data acquired at the warehouse.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Celerant Command Retail's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module enables you to anticipate future needs of your customers by analyzing buying patterns.
  • Easily compile and export your customer data from your point of sale into Microsoft Excel.
  • Print mailing labels for your marketing promotions.
  • CRM allows you to identify your customers with the highest profit potential.

Additional Services

  • Celerant Technology offers a solution for multichannel retailers with complete integration of features such catalogs, mail order, team sales and kiosks.
  • With Celerant kiosks, you provide your customers with increased efficiency and improve their overall shopping experience.
  • Celerant Command Retail also now has wireless application capability for your Retail management system.


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