Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce

Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce

Celerant Technology offers integrated, sophisticated Web sites that expertly manage and publish inventory directly from your Celerant Command Retail system. Whether your Website is professionally designed by one of our specialists or you choose to keep the same look and feel of your current Website, import tools are available to migrate from an existing site, with no manual labor required.

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Product Overview: Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce


For your customers, Celerant Websites are attractive and easy to navigate. We offer numerous features to encourage a positive shopping experience including; wish lists, online gift cards, real-time inventory, and alternate product suggestions on out-of-stock items. Celerant Command Retail’s Integrated E-Commerce leaves your customer with a satisfying shopping experience that is true extension of your brick and mortar store(s).

Integrated Gift Cards
Allow interchangeable gift cards to be purchased and redeemed online, as well as in your stores.

Associated Items
Suggest additional items to your customers, for maximized sale potential.

Buy One, Get One Promotions
Provide online customers the same multi-buy opportunities as in your stores.

Unlimited Product Views
Offer unlimited views of each item and different images for each color and/or size.

Order Status
Allow customers to log-in to check the status of their current orders and track their shipment.

Order History
Provide customers with the ability to log-on to your Website and access their complete order history.

Integrated Coupons
Provide the ability to redeem the same coupons online as in your stores.

Quantity Discount
Allow online shoppers to take advantage of the same quantity discounts that you offer within your stores.

Flexible Tax Calculator
Set-up unlimited tax exceptions, which are calculated by ZIP code.

Wish List
Enable customers to create a wish list, which can then be emailed to anyone.

PCI & SOX Compliant
Comply with security standards in order to protect your from increasing theft and security breaches.

Hacker Safe Tested
Maintain the security of your site with Hacker Safe Certification.

Advanced E-Commerce Features

Product Reviews
Generate a completely configurable product review form, which allows your customers to answer product questions. You have the ability to approve or reject each review, and you can also edit the content for proper spelling or grammar, before it is posted for public viewing.


Out-of-Stock Notification List
Track the popularity of your out-of-stock items to better plan your merchandise orders. Your system will automatically send email notifications to your customers, once the out-of-stock items become available.

Product Comparison
Provide custom side-by-side comparison charts, allowing your customers to quickly and easily compare related products.

Web Content Manager
Quickly detect areas of your Website where content in not fully described, images are not properly uploaded, or where your production team has missed key display elements. Use this tool set to efficiently evaluate and update your Web content.


Unlimited Product Categorization
Construct unlimited Website product classifications and create category specific landing pages that are search engine friendly, with your own keywords, meta tags, etc.

URLs and Custom Page Content
Change your category content pages and custom URLs, At anytime, for better search engine optimization. Your updates with reflect on your Website immediately, in real-time.

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Brochure: Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce
Product Overview: Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce