News Feature | August 29, 2014

CEA Tells How To "Win At Wireless"

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

CEA Win At Wireless

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) released a new wireless business training resource in August. Winning at Wireless Retail Guide includes sound wireless retail strategies, tips from the field, true life examples, and best practices.

Divided into four categories, the guide covers the customer, team, store, and business. The guide seeks to create an approach customizable to each individual business that helps them engage their customer base more fully when it comes to wireless technology.

“The wireless industry is constantly changing with the continued evolution of smartphones, tablets, data, mobile devices, and marketing trends,” said David Inns, CEA’s wireless division chairman.“Whether you are an industry veteran or brand new to the wireless business, there’s always something more you can do, something new to learn, and questions to be answered. This guide will help provide the insights you need, directly from some of the biggest names in wireless retail.”

One of those insights is news that the wireless industry’s top two sales drivers are smartphones and tablets, and their use continues to grow — the consumer electronics (CE) industry expects these devices to represent 35 percent of their total revenue in 2014.

The guide is free to download and contains helpful advice for VARs working with retail clients, including how they should set up a store and develop sound communication channels between the retailers’ employees.