News | December 18, 2013

Business Process Automation Orders Puts Spring In Step For RhinoDox

Chicago-based Document and Information Management Solutions Company Books its Largest Quarter Ever as Clients Implement Filebound BPA Solutions

Document and Information Management Solutions company RhinoDox reports that it closed on a significant number of Filebound by Upland Business Process Automation (BPA) orders in the third quarter 2013.

“While a number of our clients use a combination of the broad services and technologies we offer to meet current and future document and information management needs, we are seeing a large and notable shift in clients who are deciding to go with Business Process Automation solutions as a day-forward process to manage their business critical information,” said Justin Ullman, RhinoDox CEO.

Ullman cited that clients are implementing BPA solutions because of the many benefits provided including shortening cycle times, realizing solid return on investment, increasing efficiency and productivity, and meeting contractual obligations to go digital.

As a reseller of Filebound Workflow Automation Solutions, the RhinoDox professional services team works with clients to understand their information management needs and then designs and implements customized solutions based on Filebound Workflow Automation Solutions.

“Filebound solutions provide us with flexibility in approach to provide designs that are both on-premise solutions and/or hosted in the cloud,” said Brian Bagan, RhinoDox Director of Document Management Services.

RhinoDox has closed contracts on the following BPA orders:

  • Legal Property Assessment firm in Chicago—RhinoDox provided a Filebound On-Demand solution that includes automated workflow and e-forms to assist the firm in assessing and reassessing real estate value—a task legally required in Illinois every three years after a property is placed on tax rolls. Previously, data was manually entered for each property on as many as seven forms per property. The forms were sent to clients for signatures, returned to the firm for scanning and printing and finally, resent to clients. RhinoDox designed more than 30 e-form workflow processes, including bundled e-forms, to eliminate redundant data entry and integrate into an existing database to look-up and populate fields for existing properties. The solution reduces manual entry and mailing costs, minimizes potential for error related to data entry, and eliminates time spent through the constant back and forth physical transport of forms for approvals, handling that process now through email.
  • Material Handling company on West Coast—RhinoDox hosts services to import and index AP (Accounts Payable) invoices, supplied by the customer, into Filebound On-Demand. This solution provides the client’s 70 branch offices with immediate access to invoice information and replaces a seven-to-10 day process that relied on branches mailing invoices to corporate for data entry, approval and processing. The new solution serves more than 100 users. In addition, RhinoDox has replaced the client’s legacy system with a Filebound on-premise solution for eight additional departments, providing a concurrent 10-user configuration with unlimited document capacity.
  • Financial company in Chicago—RhinoDox and Filebound professional services teams devised a conversion module to automatically convert COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) data streams into a format to facilitate viewing, searching and printing via the report viewer application in Filebound On-Demand. This solution replaces a proprietary viewer the company used that required time-intensive manual entry. This enables automated access and search capabilities, including full text Optical Character Recognition, to 77 stock exchange reports on a daily basis. In addition, RhinoDox is providing workflow to the customer’s operations departments, including Human Resources and Accounts Payable. More than 30 users are accessing the solution daily.
  • Service organization in Boston—RhinoDox built 12 templates in Filebound Capture to automate extracting a high percentage of information existing on invoices with the remainder being added via point-and-click technology. RhinoDox has implemented Filebound On-Demand to ERP QuickBooks 2014 integration for database look-up and repeat invoices are automatically coded, eliminating the need to manually enter invoices into QuickBooks. Customer is now processing invoices 50 percent faster than previously, providing benefits in speed to payment with less cost.
  • Material Handling company in Chicago—RhinoDox developed an e-form service repair ticket for the client’s 185 service technicians to use in the field for populating information and e-signatures. When the technician submits the ticket, it immediately populates information and loads the ticket image into Filebound On-Demand Workflow approval process that in turn populates it to an ERP solution for processing and billing. Immediate benefits include quicker approvals, elimination of fees for the old process that relied on tablets and proprietary software to generate service tickets, and faster billing times. The solution also eliminates the need to print and scan invoices, load them into a third party hosted solution for basic search and retrieval applications, and manually enter invoices into the ERP solution for processing and billing. Billing time is now one to two days versus the previous seven to 10 days.

“Working with Filebound Automated Solutions is enabling RhinoDox to implement technically fresh and user friendly Business Process Automation applications in assisting our clients in reducing redundant operations, minimizing errors, gaining efficiency and productivity, and enhancing their customers’ satisfaction all while providing our clients solid return on investment favorably impacting their bottom lines,” Ullman said.

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