Business Improvement Peer Groups

Source: Taylor Business Group
Taylor Business Group

Business Improvement Groups (or BIGs) consist of 10-12 non-competing members. The group will become a close network of advisors that you can call upon when you have any business issue facing you that you would like input from outside the company. Every member signs a non-disclosure agreement, so whatever is said or presented stays within the group.

Here are some significant facts about the Taylor Business Group's BIGs you should be aware of:

  • BIGs are not management retreats. They are executive management focused reviews and conferences.
  • They are not member lead. They are facilitated by coaches trained in facilitating effective group meetings.
  • BIGs do not involve group techie talk. They focus on business discussions that help implement efficiencies and processes in your business to drive more profits to your bottom line.
  • The group meets twice per year in person for a two-day meeting. The other ten months, the group has a 90-minute conference call.