White Paper

Bubble Sheet Testing In Education's Future

Source: OKI

This white paper from OKI covers the advantages gained from using bubble sheets and multiple choice tests in schools by using multi-function printers (MFPs) for test creation and scoring. Teachers spend a large amount of their time grading papers and on administrative tasks while MFPs can provide automated grading and instant feedback saving a significant amount of time.

The instant grading process available through MFPs allows students and teachers to receive instant feedback on a test after it was taken, allowing the teacher to go over material that may have been challenging and allowing students to know what they should focus on when studying. Grading is completed by simply collecting test sheets, placing them into the MFP with the answer sheeting for scanning, and then running the job.

OKI’s School Docu Tool consists of two software components— a server that grades tests using Optical Marking Recognition (OMR) technology and an application embedded in the OKI MB700 series MFP to print and scan the bubble sheets and reports.

By integrating the one-touch ease of OKI MFP technology with a powerful suite of software tools, teachers can manage student testing documents more effectively.

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