Brochure | December 26, 2012

Brochure: 8700 Series Industrial Mobile Computer

Source: CipherLab USA
8700 Series Industrial Mobile Computer

Robust and Effective

For Seamless Integration to Improve Operations

The 8700 series can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing, transportation, and logistics business. Its durable design can function under harsh surroundings, and its intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) is user-friendly. Equipped with a wide range of wireless connections, the 8700 helps improve communication and process. Furthermore, it is packed with features and software to automate your business operations and enhance the competitive advantages.

Optimized Performance under Harsh Environments

The 8700 series can withstand the exposures of a harsh working environment. Its ability to tolerate temperature fluctuations from -20 C to 55 C is ideal to suit various environments – from the refrigeration industry, to chemical plants. The IP64-rated device offers protection against everyday elements such as water spray and dust. The 8700 series has been test-proven to managed 1.5-meter drops onto concrete so you can save time and money on maintenance. Additionally, the large keypad allows workers to effortlessly enter information, even with gloves on. The 8700 series can adapt to any industry environment, making it multipurpose.