Brochure | December 23, 2012

Brochure: 1600 Series Bluetooth® Scanners

Source: CipherLab USA
1600 Series Bluetooth® Scanners

Simple. Powerful. Portable.

Smaller and lighter than a mobile phone, the 1600 series can be easily fit in your pocket and carried around for required tasks wherever it takes. The 1600 series is built to meet the needs in healthcare, field sales and field service with strong mobility requirement. Optional Bluetooth® connectivity allows instant data acquisition to a Bluetooth® compatible PDA, laptop, PC or any other Bluetooth®-enabled devices. With a choice of linear imager, laser, or 2D imager, your business needs will be met in a wide range of applications.

Maximum Mobility in Pocket-size

The 1600 series liberates and mobilizes healthcare and field workers with its ultra-portable, light-weight form factor combined with optional Bluetooth® connectivity. The pocket-sized device is easy to carry, allowing workers to roam freely about their workspaces. Furthermore, mobile salespeople or field service technicians could combine the 1600 series with a PDA or Smartphone to collect and transmit data via WWAN, ensuring the back-end system is always up-to-date.