Brochure | December 28, 2012

Brochure: Data Capture Solutions For Warehousing Applications

Source: CipherLab USA

Brochure: Data Capture Solutions For Warehousing Applications

Inventory Management in Warehousing

Updating information and retrieving data promptly and accurately has become more important than ever for the blooming businesses in the warehousing industry to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Today, typical warehouse settings are still dust-filled, noisy, and dimply lit, with loading docks and receiving zones susceptible to unfavorable weather conditions. Many of which face unstable wireless connection and dead corners where signal strength is weak. Working in harsh settings like these leads a range of problems in data collection and management, which inevitable result in delayed business decision making and unnecessary high labor costs for the extra manpower invested to set everything back on track.


  • Receiving and Distributing
    • 8700 Mobile Computer –The 8700 series helps workers excel with minimized workflow downtime and maximized productivity. The large 3-inch 160x160 pixel display with touch screen provides outstanding clarity for error-free data input and signature capturing.
  • Picking and Shipping
    • 9600 Mobile Computer – The 9600 series mobile computer is designed to meet a variety of inventory management needs. The 3.5” color VGA or QVGA touch panel offers workers quick and easy access to the applications they need in handling diverse business orders.
  • Mobile Inventory Management
    • 9300 mobile Computer – The 9300 series manages complex inventory applications and provides access to critical information readily with a large memory space and CCX-certified WLAN connection, as well as a variety of software tools.
  • Cross Docking
    • 8400 Mobile Computer – The 8400 series is ideal for improving productivity in warehousing stock control, picking, and order processing. The backlit 2.6-inch 160x160 pixel display offers a clear view for accurate data input, making work simple even in dark corners.
    • 8300 Mobile Computer – The 8300 series is built to offer optimum performance for harsh warehousing environments. This extra rugged device is IP65-compliant and tested with multiple 1.2 meter drops to tough out any rough treatments found in any warehouse.