Brochure | December 28, 2012

Brochure: Data Capture Solutions For Field Mobility Applications

Source: CipherLab USA

Ensuring Efficient Workforce In The Field

It is critical to efficiently manage the workforce and implement cost-effective workflow in the field. Furthermore, workers are always on the go, which makes it hard to integrate real-time working process with up-ti-date data communications between field personnel and head office. Besides, the routine manual works and devices without user-friendly design could reduce working efficiencies and productivity. Not to mention the harsh environments that field workers have encountered might also hinder their duty fulfillment.


  • Direct Store Delivery
    • 9600 Mobile Computer – Ensure safe and accurate deliveries with the CiperLab Windows® CE-embedded 9600 mobile computer. With WWAN, all critical data gets transmitted to the company’s servers and the latest delivery status is immediately uploaded to the head office.
    • 1660 Series Bluetooth® Scanner – The lightweight pocket-sized 1660 series Bluetooth® scanner is optimal for on-the-go direct store delivery application. Integrated with the software CipherConnect, field workers can quickly connect the 1660 to smart phones and PDAs to collect dispatch information and transmit data to the head office via the wireless connecting of the smart devices.
    • CipherConnect – CipherConnect is a COM-to-key software to connect CipherLab Bluetooth® scanners to smart devices with the Android, BlackBerry, and Windows® Mobile platforms, fulfilling barcode input.
  • Police Ticketing and Parking Billing
    • 9600 Mobile Computer – Rugged devices with real-time wireless connection bring the crucial data from the station directly to where police officers need it. With a 2 megapixel camera, low enforcement officers can take evidentiary photos as proof. Combined with license plate recognition software, the 9600 is ideal for verifying license plates.
  • Meter Reading
    • 8300 Mobile Computer – The CipherLab 8300 mobile computer offers up to 10MB of on-board memory, RFID, and a wide variety of reader options – lineage imager, laser, or long-range laser – utility companies are ensured the information they have in their system is accurate.
  • Asset Management
    • 9600 Mobile Computer – When service technicians are provided a CipherLab 9600 mobile computer, repair information can be carried out faster, and a quickly return on your investment is ensured. For example, once the technician has checked the product, relevant information about the issue could be immediately updated to the head office via WWAN, while the camera allows technicians to take pictures of the product before and after repairs.
    • 8300 Mobile Computer – Built with IP65 and tested with multiple drops at 1.2 meters, the rugged 8300 is also an idea alternative for asset management. 8300 series provides sufficient memory and a variety of readers and RFID to ease technicians to do their job in the field.