Brochure | December 28, 2012

Brochure: 1070 Corded 1D imager Barcode Scanner

Source: CipherLab USA
1070 Corded 1D imager Barcode Scanner

Comfortable and Powerful

Delivering Outstanding Service and Value

Wherever handheld scanners are used, whether it’s on the shop floor, at the checkout counter, in the manufacturing line, or in the documentation center, they must be comfortable and safe for the users and deliver undeniably accurate scans all day long. More importantly, they should be cost-effective to operate.

CipherLab designs and manufactures the industry’s top handheld scanners to provide outstanding reliable service for workers and deliver a high return on investment (ROI). Reliability, user comfort, and power consumption 50% lower than competitor’s devices on average make CipherLab scanners the ideal choice for long-lasting value in any industry.

Leader in the Industry

CipherLab leads the industry with high-quality, rugged scanners that are designed to meet the specific needs of users in a wide range of environments. We acquired our leadership position through more than twenty years of designing and manufacturing scanners, from our first CCD barcode scanner released in 1991 to our most recent announcements of powerful, versatile handheld scanners.