Brochure | December 28, 2012

Brochure: CipherLab Full Product Line – Smarter Solutions

Source: CipherLab USA
CipherLab USA

About CipherLab

CipherLab designs and delivers industry-leading business performance and efficiency solutions around AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) hardware and software. We have been a technology innovator for more than twenty years, with a range of market-changing and industry-pioneering products—mobile computers, proprietary terminals, wireless and tethered barcode scanners, fixed data terminals, software solutions, and more. Our products impact the daily lives of customers and workers of transportation and logistics, field mobility, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, warehousing, and public and government services, adding performance, accuracy and return on investment to the bottom line of our customers.

Our success is built on a deep respect for our customers, business partners, employees, and investors. CipherLab culture promotes entrepreneurial ideas and practices to continually nurture new ideas, and better solutions. We put great value in strong customer partnerships and rely on multi-national, interdisciplinary teams to provide the best quality and value in leading-edge products and services.

CipherLab is a concerned world citizen, both with respect to our common environment and social responsibilities. Our solutions are in place saving energy, time and money throughout the world.


CipherLab Application Development software customizes our devices to workflows and allows fast deployment into web-based processes. Terminal Emulators enable immediate deployment into mainframe-based processes. Programming tools include critical functions and valuable libraries used for AIDC solutions. And Device Management tools allow IT personnel to efficiently maintain and manage a fleet of CipherLab mobile computers. In addition, Scanner software enables quick and easy configuration.


CipherLab scanners are versatile, agile, and priced right for long-lasting value. They can capture data from regular and long barcodes, high density barcodes, to poorly printed barcodes with a choice of linear imager, 2D imager, or laser. Together with Bluetooth® cordless and corded applications, CipherLab scanners help you run business more efficiently with improved operations.

Windows® Mobile Computer

CipherLab Windows®-based mobile computers combine powerful computing with rugged design, making them ideal for flexible, enterprise-wide solutions across multiple industries. Comes with versatile functionalities, they offer fully automated operation whether in the fields or within the fence. Users are now able to fulfill their tasks with ultimate support and simplified operation.

Proprietary Terminals

CipherLab robust proprietary terminals are designed to tackle task-specific applications and provide long lasting performance with no down time. Featured simple and user-friendly interface, users are able to instantly get familiar with daily operations with very little training. In addition, the free Application Generator software allows quick and easy application development, giving users handy tools for maximized customization.

Antimicrobial Protection Series

In an industry where hygiene is vital, the importance of preventing the growth of microbes is escalating. CipherLab addresses the needs in a healthcare environment with its antimicrobial protection series to resist the growth of bacteria which causes odor and stain.

Unique from other devices claiming antimicrobial protection which are often coated with a protective film, CipherLab antimicrobial protection series comes with Microban® technology built into the product housing, withstanding repeated alcohol disinfection without wearing off while reducing microbial growth on the surface.

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