BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service

Source: Webroot

Accurate, next-generation, real-time protection against phishing attacks.

  • The most dangerous phishing sites are short-lived, living minutes or hours, not days
  • Static phishing lists are too slow to keep up with the pace of today’s attacks
  • The BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service provides technology partners with the ability to leverage time-of-need site scans to prevent users from visiting malicious sites

The internet is littered with millions of new phishing sites that appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. To protect your customers from today’s highly targeted attacks, detection times must be measured in milliseconds, not days. The BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service enables technology partners to provide significantly better protection against zero-hour phishing threats than static or crowd-sourced phishing blacklists. Backed by the most advanced machine learning technology in the industry and the Webroot Platform, the service provides best in class protection against one of the most pervasive threats facing businesses and end users today. Vendors of anti-fraud services, email security, email infrastructure, social media, SMS, web browsers, endpoint security, DNS, perimeter security appliances, search engines, mobile carriers, mobile apps, and others now have a comprehensive solution with which to protect their customers.