Case Study

Brewer PD Improves Evidence Capture With The Toughbook Arbitrator 360°

Source: Panasonic

In light of recent budget and resource cuts, agencies are struggling with limited funds for the purchase of new technology to fight crime and improve officer safety. As a result, agencies are considering alternative methods of acquiring funds to purchase and/or upgrade equipment. The Brewer (ME) Police Department was fortunate enough to obtain the needed funds in a different way.

The Brewer PD is a full-service police department with 21 sworn full-time officers assigned to a variety of jobs that include the patrol and detective divisions, School Resource Officers (SRO), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Task Force, as well as administration. Due to an increase in illegal activity within the city, the agency required a technology solution that delivered proven value in its evidence collection capabilities.

“Our positive experience with the Panasonic Toughbook computers was one of the reasons we looked at video solutions from Panasonic,” said Deputy Chief Jason Moffitt. “We felt comfortable with the Panasonic brand because they stand behind their products.”

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