Guest Column | April 19, 2016

Breaking Into New Space, Out Of The Old

RSPA RetailNOW 2015 Gerber Preview

By Michael E. Gerber, Author of The E-Myth Books

Dear IT’ers,

Everything I’ve done over the past 40 years with folks like you – business guys – had to do with the huge discomfort that comes from being asked to think differently than my audience is used to think.

Understand, the discomfort wasn’t mine, but theirs. Indeed, that’s where I earned the sobriquet of “Chief Aggravator.” (I came up with it, they didn’t. They just got pissed off!)

So, knowing that, I thought to address it in this early space, this place where Jim Roddy has asked me to “do my thing” with the understanding that while it would be of extreme benefit to you guys – the thing I do – it would also challenge you to break into new space, while leaving behind the old.

Which is very difficult to do.

But, only if you struggle with it. Meaning, only if you struggle with me. Meaning, only if you allow yourself to drop out, disallow it from coming in, resist the uncomfortable, give yourself a pass to stay in your Comfort Zone, rather than pursuing the seemingly impossible by allowing your company to grow.