News | May 31, 2013

Bluestar To Distribute Digital Defence's Secure Mobile Encryption Software

BlueStar, a leading global distributor of  ADC, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, and Security technology solutions is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Digital Defence, an independent software vendor whose Secure Mobile encryption software is designed to keep selected data on mobile devices secure across all vertical markets.

"In today's world of mobile working, there is an ever increasing amount of sensitive, personal and corporate data residing on mobile computers and smart phones," said Larry Klimczyk, CEO Americas for Digital Defence. "Organizations are increasingly looking to protect their data against loss or theft and meet their corporate security compliance policies. Secure Mobile meets these needs in a low cost, easy to deploy and use solution."

FIPS 197-accredited Secure Mobile encrypts data at the bit level without interrupting the user or affecting device speeds, allowing for secured data even when the device is at rest. It can be used on nearly any ruggedized mobile device by any kind of mobile worker. Secure Mobile can encrypt or decrypt 1MB of data in less than 1.5 seconds with only 2% CPU usage, thanks to its unique architecture. The solution is also "invisible" to the end user, to whom policies are deployed centrally through a Mass Deployment Module which could either reside within an MDM solution or separately on a server.

"Adding mobile data security to your product offering can help resellers increase their revenues and profits," said BlueStar Business Account Manager Shawn Moll. "You can help your customers across any vertical such as Government, Healthcare, Transportation/Logistics, Emergency Services, Police, Home Deliveries and Manufacturing avoid penalties, fines and bad press due to lost or stolen data."

Digital Defence's solutions have secured data for multiple organizations and individuals globally over the past ten years, offering cost-effective encryption solutions to enable total enterprise mobility. Digital Defence helps organizations establish a culture of security through regular security risk assessments, awareness education and Decisive Security Intelligence. This proven method bolsters the capability of organizations to reduce risk and secure information and intellectual property.

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