Brochure | December 2, 2009

Brochure: BlueArc Data Migrator

Source: BlueArc Corporation

BlueArc Data Migrator allows IT organizations to bring their tiered storage environments to the next level. With automated data movement based on a rich set of predefined rules and policies, administrators can now indicate when data should be moved automatically to a lower, more affordable tier of storage.

Application-agnostic, BlueArc Data Migrator also allows automatic data movement between tiers in a way that is completely transparent to related applications or end users. In fact, they will be hard-pressed to know the data no longer resides in its original location.

Solving the Technical Barriers to Robust Tiered Storage
With Data Migrator, BlueArc customers are now able to break through the traditional barriers to robust tiered storage. Without requiring the need to purchase an additional server, Data Migrator lets administrators automatically migrate data from either a file system or volume to a different storage tier within their existing BlueArc storage architecture.

Incorporating data management policy templates, Data Migrator lets administrators define rules, parameters and triggers to ensure company data is moved automatically to the right storage tier, at the right time, to satisfy the needs of IT, application business owners and a company's end users.

Data migration occurs transparently when a rule is invoked. After files are moved to a different tier, Data Migrator offers a 'pointer' to the original file location that allows the file to be accessed transparently, by both applications and end users, as if the file had not been moved at all.