Case Study

Case Study: Birmingham Hippodrome Gives SteelEye® LifeKeeper® Two Thumbs Up

The theatre with the highest regular annual attendance in the UK has selected SteelEye LifeKeeper software to safeguard its online ticketing system so that it is available 24/7, even in the event of software bugs, hardware failure or other unanticipated outages. LifeKeeper will meet Birmingham Hippodrome's failover, replication and disaster recovery needs. By moving off a hosted server and onto its own in-house networking infrastructure, the theatre has also freed itself to develop a new marketing strategy based around its website and database of customers.

To implement full failover and disaster recovery, eSpida built two server rooms approximately a mile from each other, each replicating to the other so that if one server failed, the other server would pick up. They also built two leased lines and established two service providers at two points in the city with two separate mains supplies. To simplify server "housekeeping," Birmingham Hippodrome's network infrastructure has been virtualised - with 20 virtualised servers on IBMx3650 hardware and twin dual-core CPUs with 32 GB RAM and local disk.

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