Guest Column | August 31, 2015

Beyond The Headlines: Taking A Holistic Approach To Data Security

By Chris Crellin, VP of Product Management, Intronis

Data Security

It seems as if a week doesn’t go by without a data breach making headlines. From recent news of backup tapes gone missing from a Massachusetts-based hospital to a phishing attack at an Indiana-based healthcare system to a malware incident involving payment cards at several upscale hotels in California, the reasons for these data breaches vary widely. While each of these incidents offers a cautionary tale for businesses of all sizes, they don’t fully illustrate what’s needed to successfully fill the security gaps that exist today.

The fact is IT pros will often become sidetracked by the sensational nature of today’s headline-grabbing data breaches. This can lead to knee-jerk responses that address the specific weaknesses exposed by a security incident but fail to look holistically at the overall security posture of the business. It’s a big miss that can easily be avoided when managed services providers (MSPs) and solutions providers take the time to fully understand their clients’ risk profiles.

Assessing Customers’ IT Security Risks

CompTIA, the IT industry association, has created a useful, vendor-neutral tool that helps MSPs and solutions providers build a security profile for their customers. The CompTIA IT Security Assessment Wizard looks at how a business protects information and shares it with customers and partners. It then creates a comprehensive and easy-to-read profile that illustrates the IT security strengths and vulnerabilities of the business.

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