White Paper

White Paper: Beyond Emergencies

Mass notification systems have become an indispensable communication tool for governments, businesses, universities, and other organizations. Notification systems are triggered to mobilize emergency and healthcare workers when a disaster occurs. They are used to advise parents when school is cancelled, alert travelers to a flight delay, or assemble a restoration team when an IT system crashes.

Organizations of every type and size can realize the benefits notification systems offer, from saving lives, to increasing efficiency, to improving business performance and profitability through greater collaboration. A variety of such systems are available today. But which system to choose? Historically, notification systems have been built on time division multiplexing (TDM) telephony technology. They have been designed for either simple, one-way notification to a general audience or to address specific needs, such as medical emergency response, system status alerts for IT personnel and payment reminders for customers. Now, however, vendors are consolidating and expanding their portfolios to capture a broader swath of the notification market.