White Paper

Best Practices For VoIP Network Assurance And Performance Management

If you are reading this guide, then the decision to move to a converged network within your organization has likely already been made, and one of the new applications you intend to implement is a voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP). Therefore, what's most important now is discovering how to assure that every time one of your company's employees picks up his or her VoIP handset, the moment isn't spoiled by poor voice quality or dropped calls.

But as Gartner analyst Jeff Snyder has warned, 85 percent of networks are not ready for VoIP. Furthermore, starting the transition to convergence by assessing your network's ability to handle VoIP is the only way to gain a complete understanding of the scope of the project.

The success of VoIP relies upon the success of many individual network components. When one is not performing as required, call quality will suffer without a clear cause to the end user. This is true during every stage of VoIP usage — from deployment through to day-to-day operation.

Since no two networks are exactly the same, no two network assurance programs will be either. Fortunately, PathView Cloud adapts to your needs, and provides a complete approach. Unmatched in the marketplace, its affordability and functionality meet the specific needs of pre deployment assessment, ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting tough network problems and reporting on its impact on the business. It takes advantage of original investment during the pre deployment stage to provide unparalleled network assurance throughout the VoIP deployment life cycle.