White Paper

Best Practices For Securing Outdoor Areas With Video Analytics

Video analytics promises to boost security efforts by automatically alerting personnel to take action when a security event occurs. Intelligent sensors never tire, can cover large distances, and "see" what the eye would miss, even in the absolute darkness. People can then make smart decisions when actual violations happen.

The key to the effective application of video analytics in the outdoors is to use best practices of installation and equipment selection to achieve stable operating performance.

This white paper presents several best practices for deploying outdoor video security solutions, including how to:

  • Reduce outdoor security nuisance alerts
  • Pinpoint security violations as they unfold
  • Address blind spots under the camera
  • Determine a camera's true detection range
  • Address nuisance alerts caused by changing lighting conditions
  • Package to survive the outdoors
  • Contain security costs: Seaport case study
  • Use best practice tools that may be helpful