Magazine Article | December 30, 2013

Best Channel Vendors 2014

From September 2013 to mid-October 2013, BSM VAR subscribers were asked to participate in the Best Channel Vendors survey. We asked subscribers to rate their vendor partners on a scale of 0 (worst) to 5 (best) in seven categories. We also provided some guiding questions to ensure consistency in how VARs interpreted each category:

  • Start Your Free Business Solutions Magazine SubscriptionService/Support: Do you have positive working relationships with their staff? Does their staff respond to your requests adequately? Do they fix your product issues quickly? Are they easy to do business with?
  • Channel Friendly: Are they loyal to you and their other channel partners? Do they avoid competing with you, not unfairly selling direct? Do they push business toward you, instead of quoting prices to end users?
  • Channel Program: Are you satisfied with the variety and quality of services they offer (e.g. reduced shipping, marketing funds, VAR rebates, lead generation, etc.)? Do they effectively and consistently communicate program changes?
  • Product Features: Do their products meet your functionality needs? Is their product breadth adequate?
  • Product Reliability: Do their products meet your quality needs? Do you frequently need to fix their products?
  • Product Innovation: Do they update and adapt their products appropriately? Do they offer you new products to enhance your future growth opportunities?
  • Adequate VAR Margins: Are their products priced fairly so you can make an adequate profit reselling and servicing them? 

Nearly 2,508 people participated in this year’s survey; we eliminated ballots that did not qualify as resellers. A total of 4,680 votes were cast in the survey. To see the results, access the full report.

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