Bematech SB9015D: All-In-One POS Terminal Product Review

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When it comes to retail, restaurant, and grocery IT, no system is as crucial as the point of sale. While margins have eroded over the years, and there’s been outside pressure from tablets and similar mobile technologies, the time-tested POS continues to stand as the primary customer payment and interaction device. With that importance in mind, Business Solutions teamed with Greg Nelson, VP and CTO of Genesis POS, to test 10 all-in-one units from a variety of leading manufacturers. The goal: to arm you with the information you need to either confirm your existing product line or shorten your time of evaluating new products.

Here is a brief sample from the review:

As your needs differ from those of other VARs, it’s not really possible to declare a winner here. However, Nelson felt strongly enough about Bematech’s overall design to remark that they were one of three manufacturers that should “take a bow” for making the lives of VARs easier when it comes to onsite repairs.

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