News | March 11, 2014

BDNA And nexB Deliver Insight To Lower Risk Associated With Open Source Software In Enterprises

BDNA's Technopedia Catalog and nexB's DejaCode Allow IT GRC Professionals to Easily Evaluate and Manage Open Source Risk

BDNA, the leading Data as a Service (Daas) company, recently announced a partnership with nexB, the leader in open source software management, to provide BDNA customers with access to nexB's DejaCode catalog of open source software and license information. When clean data from BDNA’s DaaS solution is aligned to DejaCode, the result is accurate, consistent and valuable information the IT GRC professionals can use to evaluate their exposure to open source software. This expansive visibility allows decision makers to rapidly evaluate and remediate operational and financial risk brought on by the proliferation of open source software in enterprises.

"Open source software represents nearly 50 percent of all software assets deployed across enterprises today and understanding the deployments and the potential legal exposure is paramount for enterprises," said Len Fischer, EVP of Marketing at BDNA. "DejaCode – when aligned with BDNA's Technopedia Catalog – provides the granular detail about open source software required to address these risks. We are excited to welcome nexB into the growing Technopedia content ecosystem."

The Technopedia Catalog contains more than 38 million researched data points for over 960,000 hardware and software products. More than 2,000 data updates are made every day with new products and market information such as software support levels, Windows compatibility, end-of-life dates, hardware power consumption, and much more. BDNA has created a content ecosystem for third parties such as nexB to extend Technopedia with domain and use case specific content, such as open source software information.

"BDNA's DaaS solution provides a perfect conduit for consuming DejaCode data about open source software," said Michael Herzog, CEO at nexB. "The detailed information about open source software provenance and licensing provided by DejaCode enables IT GRC and security personnel to quickly understand their position and mitigate risk. Clients with internal development will also benefit by finding opportunities to use open source software across the enterprise."

About BDNA
BDNA is the leading Data as a Service company whose industrialized approach to delivering clean data enriched with the right market intelligence solves the challenge enterprise IT has faced for years in wasteful spending, recognizing risk, improving IT processes and unlocking new value streams. Using BDNA’s Technopedia as the common language, data intelligence flows to the right places of an organization, applications now give valuable insights and organizations are better connected with each other and their customers. Venture backed, the company has locations around the globe and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit

About nexB
nexB’s DejaCode enables your organization to actively discover, manage and monitor the open source and third-party software components you use within the increasingly complex software supply chain for your software products.  With DejaCode you can define efficient governance for evaluating and approving the use of open source components, implement effective policies to mitigate potential risk from open source licenses, and automate compliance with open source license obligations.

nexB also offers comprehensive software provenance analysis services for companies who want help determining what is in their software or in software provided by their suppliers. The company is privately funded and based in San Carlos, California. For more information, visit