Case Study

Bay Cities Bank Saves Time, Money And Space With iSynergy

Source: iDatix

At the corporate office of Bay Cities Bank in Tampa, Florida, storage space was becoming an issue. The records room was full of five drawer vertical filing cabinets that were quickly filling up with loan documents, credit agreements, and deposit records. Management considered an attempt to fit more cabinets into the records room, but that solution would be temporary and not address future growth.

Filing paperwork was extremely difficult because there was not enough space for all of the loan documents, credit agreements, and deposit records. The size of the storage space made it difficult to increase or expand the equipment. Filing and retrieving documents was slow and time-consuming. Sharing documents required copying or queuing.

Rather than incur the expense of expanding their filing room, Bay Cities Bank management chose to implement iSynergy Electronic Document Management software. Now, the staff scans and indexes loan documents, credit agreements, and deposit records into the system instead of creating file folders. This eliminates storage problems and delays in the filing of documents. Electronic files can be indexed into the system directly from the desktop without printing or scanning the material.