Guest Column | November 18, 2014

Bad Password Habits Are Exposing You, Your Business, And Your Customers

By Chris Corde, LogMeIn

Bad Password Habits

Today’s businesses are run on cloud applications — which, unfortunately, forces an organization to manage a myriad of identities. Not only does this create a logistical nightmare for your customer’s employees, but it also introduces multiple points of failure from a security perspective.

As a result of creating multiple application identities, and the passwords associated with them, employees and their organizations fall prey to a number of poor habits:

  1. forgetting to remove employee access to an application when an employee leaves
  2. writing passwords down on paper
  3. keeping passwords in an unsecured spreadsheet
  4. sharing account passwords with multiple employees (and not changing them)
  5. changing passwords infrequently (or never)
  6. using weak passwords that are easy to remember (and crack!)

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