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Backup Is Broken & Needs A Revolution To Fix It

Source: SolarWinds Backup
Backup, Continuity, And Archiving

Most big corporations have their backup houses well in order; They can afford high-end SANs powered by top disk arrays. They often have multi-tier backup and disaster recovery systems in place. They have the money to buy more space when they start to run out—And the smartest ones are using the cloud as an additional layer of security.

Many small to mid-sized businesses, and similar organizations like non- profits and schools, aren’t so wealthy or prepared. Few can keep pace with the growth of storage, and far too many lack proper policies or employees with enough experience and time to do the job properly. They struggle with substandard equipment and don’t know if their backups will work when the time comes to restore the data.

A catastrophic failure can put them out of business faster than you can imagine.

There’s a vast need for efficient, affordable data backup that satisfies enterprises and small businesses alike. The current model isn’t cutting it.

Backup Is Broken

Don’t believe that backup is broken? Then maybe you should listen to Dave Russell, the Vice President of storage technologies and strategies for research giant Gartner. He penned the presentation “The Broken State of Backup”.

Russell argues that companies “should expect to fundamentally change their backup/recovery investment strategies.” He supports his claim by noting today’s most common backup issues, including: backup failures and technology obsolescence.