From The Editor | August 30, 2013

Backup And Recovery News From August 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


Each month, Business Solutions collects and sorts through all the relevant channel news so you don't have to. This month in Backup And Recovery, companies announce a new business continuity solution, CDP and NSS updates, and a free backup recovery solution.

Carbonite Developing New Business Continuity Solution

Carbonite, a provider of cloud solutions, announced a beta program for its new line of all-in-one business continuity appliances. These units will provide the benefits of local backups along with the safety of cloud storage. In the case of a disaster like fire, flood, or theft, server images can be downloaded from the cloud for a complete restore. Meanwhile, the appliance has virtual machine failover, so businesses can continue to operate while equipment is being repaired or replaced. Other features include differential backup, backup scheduler, and secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption for all data transmitted to the cloud. Licensing will be unlimited, so businesses can protect an unlimited number of servers.

FalconStor Offers CDP, NSS Updates  

FalconStor has updated its continuous data protector (CDP) and network storage server (NSS) data protection solutions. They now include RecoverTrac disaster recovery (DR) automation technology, which assists to automate failover and failback. Production operations have full access to storage volumes while data is managed and protected. It enables nondisruptive mining of copy data and eliminates the need for dedicated storage for business intelligence. Customers can replicate multiple types of data quickly, each with its own encryption format, which adds an extra layer of security when moving data from the data center to remote locations.

Enhancements specific to the FalconStor NSS solution include a stretch-cluster configurator, data migration to and from cloud infrastructure, and integration with the Windows 2012 storage management interface to manage and monitor FalconStor storage devices.

Unitrends Delivers Free Backup And Recovery Solution

Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition for the unlicensed version of VMware vSphere Hypervisor is now available. Unitrends offers free, automated backup and recovery solutions for both the licensed and unlicensed versions of this hypervisor — and is the only company to do so. Support for the unlicensed version is a result of the company’s “Unified Data Protection” architecture. This version is an enterprise-class data protection solution that provides backup and recovery, archiving, replication, and virtualization failover functionality.