White Paper

Axis And Intelligent Video

Source: Axis Communications
Axis Communications

Video surveillance is a booming business, and installations become larger and larger. At the same time, several studies have highlighted the hit and miss nature of human intervention to spot change in a surrounding environment. And the challenge becomes larger as systems expand. In addition, a massive amount of video is being recorded, but never watched or reviewed, due to lack of time.

As a result, events and activities are missed, and suspicious behavior is not noticed in time to prevent incidents. This has led to the development of intelligent video (IV).

Intelligent video is about reducing the vast amount of information contained in video, making it more manageable for systems and persons. Intelligent video surveillance systems automatically perform an analysis of captured video, and automatically use the resultant data. Building this sort of analytics into network cameras creates a reliable and versatile video surveillance system, and drastically reduces workload for the staff. Furthermore, intelligent video allows the operator to use the video surveillance system more pro-actively by giving early warnings about situations that could be potential risk scenarios.

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