News | September 11, 2013

Axcient's New Cloud Architecture Improves Performance 4x And Cuts Costs In Half

Source: Axcient

AdvancedGlobal Storage Infrastructure Optimizes Storage Space and Trims Power Consumption 66 Percent

Axcient recently announced the launch of its next-generation cloud storage platform, which delivers a dramatic improvement in reliability and speed while yielding an equally dramatic reduction in cost. With one petabyte of data already deployed on the new platform, Axcienthas achieved a 4x increase in performance and an associated increase in the speed of syncing customers’ data to the cloud. The new architectureis alsofar more efficient, consuming66 percentless power and taking up half the data center footprint. The savings achieved in the new solution are being passed on to customers, with Axcient announcing new pricing that starts as low as $49 per month per server – a nearly 50 percent reduction over the previous entry-level rate.

Axcient developed its next-generation cloud storage platform to address the unique needs of companies that have increasing amounts of data to protect. Traditional vendors provide customers with a database storage product for backup, disaster recovery and archiving, which focuses on fast data streaming upon request, and a separate product for business continuity, which is optimized for random read/write access to keep production systems running. The result is multiple costly solutions that are difficult to implement and maintain, and multiple copies of data for different usecases stored in different places.

By taking a different approach that better meets the needs of the end-user, Axcient has created a single solution to handle high-performance data streaming of heavy-workloads needed for off-site storage and the fast read/write access used for operating virtualized servers for business continuity. All of this is done with a single copy of the production data that is available via multiple recovery and access options. With its innovative global cloud architecture, Axcient is able toprovide enterprise storage and recovery performance at commodity price-points.

“At Axcient, we have remained committed to our mission of building an industry-leading cloud solution from the groundup. By developing the technology to address the unique challenges our customers face with managing ever-increasing amounts of data, we are able todeliver the best solution in the marketat the most competitive price,” said Justin Moore, CEO of Axcient. “Our new platform is a major milestone and further proof that legacy architectures are being disrupted by cloud solutions.Now businesses of all sizes can be confident their data is always protected and that their applications arecontinuously up and running, ensuring their employees are always productive.” 

Today Axcient also announced recent growth figures for the company, as well as top placement in the Inc.5000 (#1 among Security Companies; #2 in San Jose Metro Area; #110 overall), which reflects the rapid market adoption of the company’s technology platform.

From sports teams like the NHL Saint Louis Blues, to financial services companies like Union Bank, and transportation companies like Budget, Axcient supports businesses in all industries of all sizes.

About Axcient
Axcient is an entirely new type of cloud platform that eliminates data loss, keeps applications up and running, and makes sure that IT infrastructures never go down. Designed for today’s always-on business, Axcient replaces legacy backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery software and hardware, and reduces the amount of expensive copy data in an organization by as much as 80%. By mirroring an entire business in the cloud, Axcient makes it simple to access and restore data from any device, failover IT systems, and virtualize your entire office with a click - all from a single duplicated copy. Trusted by thousands of businesses to store and protect more than 10 billion files and applications, Axcient maximizes productivity, reduces cost, and eliminates risk. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. 

Source: Axcient