Guest Column | January 10, 2013

Avoiding a Data Disaster: Part 3

Jim Tessier

Plug-Into Power Management to Extend Runtime in Virtualized Environments

By Jim Tessier, Eaton Power Quality Division

What if you could provide your customers with the ability to slow down time in order to save the day when disaster strikes?

In today’s virtualized environments you may not be able to slow down time in order to respond to power outages, but you can extend the battery backup time needed to successfully carry out failover processes using modern power management solutions. Although you’re not actually providing a super power, you’ll undoubtedly be held to superhero status when your customer’s data comes out unscathed.

Virtualization provides various benefits including reduced cost and ease of administration, and is mainly used in data centers with distributed backup power architectures which are powered by multiple UPSs. Each UPS provides power to the environment during utility failures using power stored in batteries. But during utility failure, supporting virtual machines (VMs) and server loads can effectively utilize most of the available UPS battery capacity, dramatically reducing the effective runtime of highly critical machines and the time window available for disaster recovery actions.

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