From The Editor | May 23, 2011

Autotask Live: CEO Cattini Outlines Roadmap 2011

Webinar: Cloud 101

By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

CEO Mark Cattini took the stage on Monday, May 23, at Autotask Community Live 2011 to lay out the roadmap for the vendor following six months of evolving leadership and evolving strategy. He launched the conversation by talking about partnership – with customers, vendors, and within Autotask. Only in the leadership role for six months, Cattini took advantage of his first public outing to share a growth arc he expects to see peak over the next few years. "We're investing every single cent back into the business; we are committed to your success," says Cattini. "We have nearly 2/3 of the organization committed to building the product. That is where we're focused."

As part of the plan for growth, Cattini has been busy hiring and promoting new leadership, including : Vince Zumbo, CFO; Jay McBain, SVP of community; Scott Opiela, VP of marketing; Kevin Donovan, SVP of sales; and Josette Valenti, VP of HR.

Cattini also covered the next steps for Autotask, including raising support to the next level with 24/5 support offered through the vendor's international staff, and re-engineering Autotask Academy as the company rethinks and refreshes its approach. He also proudly called out the fact that Autotask, a native cloud product, had only five minutes of unplanned downtime in 2010.

Last but not least, Cattini offered a peek at tomorrow's product, including mobile touch, new VARStreet GUI and search, live reports, and support for multibrowser functionality across Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Innovation now was Cattini's closing thought , namely removing complications from the UI to the workflow. Other adjustments to expect from the vendor: fact-based decision-making, analysis to push valuable change within the tool vs. just change for change's sake, benchmarking, both customer service and businesswide, and lastly, a more effective use of vendor resources.