Automate & Monetize Your Support Of Windows Systems

Source: Solarwinds MSP

While Microsoft makes the most popular operating systems running on servers and workstations in the corporate world, we all know that those systems won’t run smoothly without some level of maintenance. And yet, maintaining the servers and workstations of all your customers might be daunting or even impossible for you to handle. That is, unless you’re taking advantage of automation tools.

In the following video, you’ll learn why and how to leverage N-able’s N-central and Automation Manager to streamline the performance of several Microsoft operating systems. You’ll also see a quick example of how simple it is to build a Windows workstation proactive maintenance automation policy.

A one-time 20-minute config can lead to well-running systems for your customers, a new recurring billable offering, freed up technician time, and — most importantly — an increase to your revenue.

The benefits of automation to you and your customers are well worth the brief amount of time needed to learn more.

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