Guest Column | August 14, 2014

Ask The Consultant: How Do I Manage My Energy To Sustain A High Level Of Productivity?

By Scott Scrogin, President, HTG Peer Groups

Scott Scrogin

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, fitness coach or nutritionist, so my comments are based on my experience, education, and what works for others. Your mileage may vary. Check with a doctor, professional or your common sense before making major changes to your life. Email me if you want a list of resources.

My short answer is this: improve your focus, habits, exercise, nutrition, and sleep in ways that help you.

My longer answer is this: Your question includes an assumption about what a “high level of productivity” means and how long it means to “sustain” it. You didn’t ask for tips to increase your productivity (time management, email management, etc.), so in this article we’ll stick with sustaining what you have. Watch for future articles containing tips to boost productivity.

These five practices may improve your productive energy:

  1. Focus on engagement. We’ve all had the experience where we’re at our desk or in a meeting working on something. Then we lose focus, our mind wanders, and we start to doze off. The primary contributor to maintaining energy is your ability to focus on the task at hand, ideally with passion. Your mind is an incredibly powerful force; you know this when you’re working in “the zone.” Energy levels follow engagement levels. Have you matched the right topic, time, and engagement level? If so, focused and productive energy will result.

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