Asigra: Backup And Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution Product Review

There are a lot of services an MSP can sell its customers, but almost every MSP includes BDR services as one of its core offerings. For this month’s product review, Business Solutions once again turned to MSP Remote Technology Management (RTM). CEO Eric Brown and Technical Manager Kevin Danis tested seven BDR solutions in their Massachusetts test lab over a two-week period, investing more than 40 hours. True to RTM’s conclusion when it tested RMM (remote monitoring and management) products for our January issue, Brown says, “There is no single solution that meets every MSP’s needs perfectly.” To that end, we share highlights of RTM’s tests of the following vendors: Asigra, Axcient, CharTec, Datto, KineticD, StorageCraft, and Unitrends. The MSP met with key product experts from each of the above vendor companies and went through the onboarding process with each one.

Interview with Remote Technology Management (RTM)

After reviewing this product, describe your overall assessment.
Asigra has the most thorough onboarding process out of all the BDRs we reviewed. Their program takes 90 days from start to finish and includes partner support such as assistance writing a business plan, generating marketing collateral, and education about specific vertical markets. Another differentiator with this company is that they’re the only one we tested that can back up mobile devices. This company seems like a good fit for a VAR/MSP that’s just getting started or looking for a lot of hands-on assistance growing their business.

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