APG's New Cash Drawer Caddy System

APG Cash Drawer introduces the exciting new Cash Drawer Caddy(tm) System. The Caddy System is the convenient and attractive solution for organizing POS components and cleaning up the cable clutter of a POS workstation.

To fit your needs, choose from the 18.8"x21" or 20"x21" sizes in the Series 4000 Cash Drawer or 16"x19.5" for the Series 100 Cash Drawer. The larger size (Series 4000) allows enough space for larger peripheral devices while the smaller footprint (Series 100) helps you maximize space.

APG's Cash Drawer Caddy System includes a rugged steel Cap, a durable, injection molded plastic Base, and a Heavy-Duty APG Cash Drawer. The Caddy is also sold as a Caddy Kit (which includes only the Caddy Base and Cap). The Caddy Kit's unique 2-piece design offers flexibility, easy installation, and cable routing.

  • Eliminates clutter by neatly organizing POS equipment
  • Provides a sturdy foundation to support POS peripheral devices
  • Designed with two easy to use pieces for quick & easy installation
  • Accommodates nearly all major keyboard, printer, and monitor brands
  • Allows for peripherals to be placed with left- or right-hand orientation
  • Can be customized to match your specific requirements
APG Cash Drawer is a division of Upper Midwest Industries and is the retail industry's leading manufacturer of cash drawer products.

To discover more about APG, The Cash Drawer CaddyTM System, and other great Point-Of-Sale products, visit www.apgcd.com.