Article | January 21, 2014

APG Cash Drawers Going Mobile: Interface Basics 101

Source: APG Cash Drawer, LLC

By Bob Daugs, Director of Product Management, APG Cash Drawer

APG is developing cutting edge cash drawer solutions to keep up with the ever-changing technological era. Mobility has taken hold in retail in many areas including the point of sale system.  Implementing a Mobile POS solution can improve a retailer’s transaction speed, create loyalty, eliminate long checkout lines, save businesses money, and improve the overall customer experience. While many other forms of payment such as mobile wallets, credit cards, etc. are allowing mobile transactions to take place, some folks still prefer to pay with cash.  APG has found a number of ways to work within these requirements making the mobile POS a full system.  Here are some cash drawer interfaces that provide value in a mobile checkout setting...

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