Article | July 3, 2017

An MSPs Guide To Selling IT Security

Source: Solarwinds MSP
Establishing A Security Policy

Enhance your MSP offering with security services

Take A Layered Approach To Security

Savvy and sophisticated MSPs are always looking for ways to add additional value to their offerings and engagement with their customers. By enhancing their capabilities, MSPs are able to differentiate their service, be more proactive, and command higher margins.

Security is often discussed as one of the most commonly overlooked ways to add value, and ultimately is an exercise in risk management. One cannot simply sell “security,” as if it was a boxed product or a SKU to order. Instead, an MSP assumes more risk from their end customers by taking on the responsibility for correctly managing an infrastructure, and in doing so, commands higher profit.

Evolve Into An MSP

MSPs can evolve into Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and increase their growth trajectory, just so long as they adopt a mature and comprehensive approach to the market. If you thought you could reinvent yourself as an MSSP with a simple antivirus offering, though, think again. Capitalizing on this growing market requires a more full-featured service set. Securing your customers’ computers isn’t just about scanning for viruses anymore. Instead,  mature  managed  security services require a multi-layered approach, in which different security offerings complement each  other.