From The Editor | June 28, 2017

An Introduction To VARinsights

Matt Pillar

VARs are feeling the pinch. Hardware margins are a sliver of what they used to be. The as-a-Service, cloud, and subscription-based business models that are falling into favor among customers pose a tough transition for your business. Meanwhile, competition is mounting from every angle—startups, ISOs, the Internet, and a bevy of other service providers are all chipping away at your base.

While Business Solutions has been helping the channel work through market trends for the duration of its 30+ year-history, these are some big ones. That’s why we’re launching a newsletter and supporting website that is ultra-targeted at helping VARs succeed. In the coming weeks, VARinsights will be hitting your inbox. and the VARinsights newsletter will bringing you a steady stream of insight, education, and inspiration that’s custom-tailored for VAR leaders. Sourced from and written by thought leaders in the VAR community, it’s our promise that VARinsights will deliver targeted, often exclusive content and editorial that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stay tuned, stay in touch, and stay involved!